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Our design expertise is your strategic advantage.

At bzdesign, our team of industrial and graphic designers collaborate with your firm to create uniquely engaging experiences. First, we get to know you and how you want to interact with your customers. Then we use that knowledge to help co-create brands that will resonate in a crowded marketplace and tailor innovative product solutions that work for your development, marketing and business operations.

We are a diverse team of design consultants creatively serving our clients every day in order to make positive change and connect the world through design principles. While we are currently focused on the medical and biotech fields, we have experience working in a wide range of industries, from consumer products to medical device manufacturing.

our team

Our team consists of project managers, industrial designers and graphic designers based in Rochester, NY. This core group is then strategically linked up with members of our growing network, comprised of Junior and Senior level designers, model makers, and mechanical engineers. By utilizing these specialized connections, we're able to assemble the perfect team for your program.

graphic design

Our award winning graphics team has found success in a wide variety of work. From newsletters to corporate websites, we establish a cohesive brand identity from the ground up.

Our specialized teams create powerful design solutions on a wide range of branding, print and digital media projects.

industrial design

Our bzdesign 5-phase model-driven industrial design process produces results that work for your development team and your customers!

Our SolidWorks experience and rapid visualization techniques allow us to create timely mockups, prototypes and form studies which we use in exploring any design problem.

our clients

At bzdesign, our team of industrial and graphic designers collaborate with your firm to create uniquely engaging experiences.

about us

We are a multidisciplinary team. Each member of our organization brings a unique perspective to our projects. Some designers bring experience in human factors, while others bring a vast knowledge of the latest manufacturing techniques. We put together the most productive teams and together with our clients co-create the kind of results that are not only sought after, but emulated.

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our creative process

We start with a thorough exploration phase, diving deep into industry research, papering our office walls with ideation sketching, and turning every stone in search of inspired ideas. We then bring the fruits of that search to augment collaboration, as part of our clients’ multi-function team.

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how we deliver

We deliver creatively. We deliver 3Dimensional thinking. We deliver consistent reliable results.

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our clients

Our clients are based in Boston, San Francisco and here in upstate NY. Most of our current product design portfolio is in the medical or bio-tech space, but we are consultants so we do look into all industries.

Our graphic design clients range from startups to corporations, legal to wine and spirits…

our ideas

Whether it’s conceiving simple, intuitive changes in medical device design, or crafting a creative concept for lab equipment that makes a researcher smile… we make a difference.

our solutions

We drive our projects through physical modeling. By creating a model, the designer has to solve many issues and it’s that process that leads to refined results. In order to get to a presentation, a mock up needs to make it through a series of discerning filters… the shop manager, a junior designer, the design director, and the client all have equal opportunity to reshape or shut a concept down – saving time and money.

client testimonials

"Working with Ben and his team at bzdesign has been an absolute pleasure. At our initial meeting, we communicated exactly what we wanted for our new website and the bzdesign team more than delivered. We liked all of the designs they presented to us and narrowed down our selections to craft exactly what we were hoping for in the re-design of our site. In addition to their graphic design talents, each and every team member is easy to get along with, fun to be around and willing to make the extra effort to please the customer. I would most certainly recommend bzdesign to anyone needing assistance in any of their capabilities."

-Katrina Connelly, CAO at Faraci Lange, LLP

benjamin zombek

founder | principal

Ben is an industrial design professional, project manager and entrepreneur with over 15 years’ experience in executing award winning design solutions. With a proven track record of over 75 successful medical, consumer and commercial product launches, he expertly weaves a nuanced understanding of engineering and marketing considerations within the design process. +

kelly vars

graphic designer

Kelly is an outstanding graphic designer who has been artfully managing several successful design projects at bzdesign. In delivering high quality design solutions, Kelly understands and delivers exactly what customers want, when they need it. +

koby trout

industrial designer +

alex turner

industrial designer | mentor

Alex has served many happy clients in the design industry for the last 30 years and has always been a great advocate and mentor for BZDesign. Alex helps with business development and brings a positive, experience design perspective to some of our medical and bio-tech programs. +

lauren bolger

graphic designer +

jenelle schuler

graphic designer +

industrial design

Our bzdesign 5-phase, model-driven industrial design process produces consistent results that work for your development team and your customers!

Exploration | Ideation | Development | Refinement | Production

Our SolidWorks capabilities and modeling process allow us to create the stream of rapid prototypes and volume studies necessary to explore a wide range of design problems. We also have established strategic partnerships for delivering our machined, 3D printed and final ID intent models.

In addition to being an effective partner, bzdesign seeks to become a well-spring of positive ideas that build and connect our communities.

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graphic design

Our award winning graphics team has found success in a wide variety of work. From newsletters to corporate websites, we establish a cohesive brand identity from the ground up.

Our specialized teams create powerful design solutions on a wide range of branding, print and digital media projects.

Branding:   We work in collaboration with internal marketing teams to co-develop strong brands. Whether we are cultivating a new identity from the ground up or enhancing an existing one, we strive to develop and communicate a powerful message in clear + consistent ways.

Print:   Graphic design is not just about styling. We work at finding the best way to communicate your message with our design. We’ll help produce marketing pieces that accurately distill the essence of your business in ways that speak directly to your audience.

Digital:   Our new media experts have the experience-tested knowledge to create highly effective design solutions, including banner ads, direct mail campaigns, and innovative websites.

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bzdesign partners with your firm, adopts your brand, gets to know your typical clients and inventively builds within your existing system of innovation.


We utilize “design thinking” principles to supplement, synthesize and enhance the vision of your unique combination of internal subject matter experts.


We follow a proven 5-phased 3D model-driven approach to both product and graphic development, which ensures our clients get the best results!

Faraci Lange Attorneys

Web Design + Advertising

Our team of graphic designers developed the front end creative work for the Faraci Lange website redesign. By providing all the artwork, directing the photography styles, and partnering with a development team, we were able to give the firm a clean, organized, and professional website.


Stethoscope Disinfection Device

Bzdesign partnered with Tailwind Innovation in developing this game changing device which will reduce the probability of costly MRSA infections in hospitals and clinical environments.

Owera Vineyards

Branding, Web Design + Packaging

Our extensive relationship with Owera Vineyards began with a complete branding package. After creating the logo and other print pieces, our team began developing labels for the many different lines of wine that Owera creates as well as a full Bridal Campaign. Our team then finished the complete Owera Package with a beautiful responsive website.

Transonic HD03

Medical Device

This product is one of a series currently in development for Transonic Systems. We partnered with Turner Design in creating this hemodialysis monitor.

Complemar Partners, Inc.

Brand Renewal

We partnered with Complemar to give their exsisting brand a refresh, without editing their current logo. We introduced new graphical elements and imagery styles to provide them with a consistant look throughout their stationary, promotional pieces, direct mail advertisments, environmental graphics, and sales pieces.


Promotional + Advertising

Our team developed an extensive line of promotional pieces for ikoniq shortly after they launched their new identity. Working with the established brand quidelines, we created a group of sales sheets they needed for a trade show. Since then, we have created email advertisments and other specific brochures for the company.

Martin-Zombek Construction Services

Branding, Advertising + Web Design

We've had a great relationship with Martin-Zombek Construction Services building their entire rebranding campaign from the ground up. We starting building the brand with a new logo, stationary, promotional pieces, advertising, signage, and truck graphics. We are currently finishing up the final touched on their new website which will be launching soon!

RWP Energy


RWP Energy only needed a small branding campaign. We worked together to create their perfect logo that told the story about their company's efficiency in relation to others.

Thermal Gradient

Biotech Instrument

The bzdesign team rolled out 3D model driven process on this platform project with Thermal Gradient in November 2013. Currently in the development phase, this Bio-Tech device will be available in Q4, 2014.


Branding, Web Design, Print Material + Marketing

The Cerion project started with a full rebranding campaign of the company. Including updating the logo, creating a solid set of stationary and print materials, and creating a new website to showcase their new brand.

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